Private charters

So you are interested in a private charter? Congratulations, because this might be be the highlight of your Stockholm visit! Depending on your preferences, you either want to book a private charter directly from this page or fill in a form for customized tours. 

Booking a private charter means that you are the only passengers on board, and because our boats are made for up to nine passengers you can also be that many. We have our recommendations about how the tour will look like but you can also decide where to go. Just be shure to contact us before booking if you have any plans like that, so we know how long it will take and for how many hours you should pay. Or if you prefer, fill in the form for customized tours and we will get back to you as soon as possible. This way, you can also describe your wishes in a more in depth manner. For example if you would want to:

-Have lunch/dinner/fika served on board

-Get a lunch stop at a restaurant nearby the water

-Celebrate a birthday or an engagement

-Have an evening party (Our boats have built-in speakers)

-Have a meeting on board and maybe have the boat still somewhere

-Call in a photographer

-Call in a certified and private guide

-Experience Stockholm by night or the morning fog

Our motto is "endless possibilities on board" and we naturally want to live up to that so write down any wishes you have in our form for customized tours!