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2019 certificate of excellence

We are honored to recieve this year’s Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor, thanks to our very high customer satisfaction and the fabulous ratings over at Tripadvisor. We have always perceived our customers as our bosses, and we will continue to do so and work tirelessly to always improve and never settle. Nothing else is more important for us than your experience and only when you have gotten a genuine smile on your face, have we done our mission.

We are so excited over our growth, and we would like to dedicate a big THANK YOU to everyone that has been a part of the journey. The sustainable journey.

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boat Tours

royal canal.png

Royal canal

Take a break from the city and enjoy this relaxing tour of Stockholm’s most beautiful canal, DJurgårdsbrunnskanalen. There is no crowd, only you and the fairytale-like nature.


city tour

Enjoy the stunning views of Sweden’s capital from a boat that has 360 degrees panoramic visibility. Many of Stockholm’s most famous landmarks will surround you and make your tour unforgettable.



Private charter

Create unforgettable memories from our most exclusive type of tour, where you are the only ones on board and detours are upon your request. Choose from 1 to 3 hours of private charter.


Eat on board

Our most exclusive tour just got even more exciting. Complete the private charter experience with your favorite food served while being toured. Can fun get any more efficient?


stockholm by night

There’s something truly magical about the atmosphere when having a boat tour in the evening. The lights from the city reflecting on the water, the silence, the calm air… It’s all about you.




Customized tours

Let your imagination be the limit with custom-made tours. We can arrange everything from water-taxi, wedding transport, professional guiding of the city, photography to birthday parties. Attaching two boats for double the capacity? -no problem.

company events.png

Company events

Share smiles with your colleagues with our offering of tours especially crafted for work-teams. This is an excellent way of starting or ending a season/project, or just getting to know each other better. You can also have a meeting on board.

About us 

Solar Boat Stockholm offers two types of boat tours in Stockholm and both are guaranteed to make you smile and feel special, regardless what you plan on doing onboard. It can be everything from sightseeing to a meeting. Or why not a birthday celebration? The possibilities are endless, especially if you opt for our private charters!

Part of our recipe is a top-modern solar powered catamaran which is totally silent and has no CO-2 emissions at all. This is perfect for the environment and for you. The boats we operate also have panoramic 360° visibility from the inside, and no windows means that you don’t only enjoy the sights but also the air and sounds coming from the surroundings. No windows are also great news for photographers!

The nine available seats are an advantage too. It’s enough for most groups of people but not too much that the boat feels crowded. That would take away from the experience, and that’s the last thing we want. Your experience is always our top priority.

Enjoyment shouldn’t mean waste of resources. We have taken a big step towards making tourism something green and we hope that you will also become part of the journey!
— Tomasz Iwanski, founder

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STOCKHOLM departure locations


Nybrokajen in Nybroplan, at the round part of the bay.



Strandvägen Kajplats 17A, in front of Glashuset restaurant.


customer reviews

customer satisfaction guaranteed

We have spent an unforgettable and peaceful morning with Tomas on the Solar Boat passing the channel and then a couple of islands. Great scenary, sunny weather, noiceless drifting on the water with a nice guide in privacy, we can only recommend it.
— cym364, tripadvisor
Very unique experience to enjoy the view of beautiful Stockholm from a comfortable, quiet environmentally friendly solar boat with a great captain.
— zsofia k, tripadvisor
We were looking for a better way to tour the waterways around this beautiful city than in a large boat with hundreds of people and stumbled upon this new service that takes a maximum of less than ten guests out on 1 hour tours. Evening tours are also offered. We enjoyed ourselves and would highly recommend this ecological alternative to sightseeing in Stockholm.
— scott m, tripadvisor
We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the water with Tomasz! The solar boat was truly peaceful and it was wonderful to see beautiful Stockholm from the water. Tomasz gave us interesting information and our whole family had a great time!
— Hkhisatomi, tripadvisor
It was so nice to have the personalized service that Tomas provided. Rather than the typical conveyor belt tourism, “get em on , get em off”, we were treated to real conversation, we could ask questions and we had the best time! We had 6 people on a three hour tour. We bought snacks and drinks and the lack of any fumes allowed us to fully enjoy our picnic. The time flew by while we were having a blast! I would recommend this to everyone.
— fritz l, tripadvisor